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Botfex extracts

All products on this online shop are our own production extracts - 100% natural, high quality, free of solvent, derived through liquefied gas technology. They are registered with the trade mark Botfex and have this name combined with the raw material name such as Botfex Tansy, Botfex Melissa, etc. Appearance and flavor of all Botfex extracts are very similar to CO2 select extracts. Typically they are from mobile to thick liquids clear or dark ones with strong characteristic odor of raw material. Their content includes volatile essential oil mainly and non-volatile fraction – small portions of fat oils, waxes, colors, active ingredients and other extractable. For purposes of aromatherapy we standardized the quality of our extracts according to minimum essential oil content i.e. intensity of their odor. We reach this only through extraction process control without additional re-distillation. In domestic conditions the extracts can be used for all applications in aromatherapy as improved quality substitutes of essential oils. All extracts possess very high antimicrobial (see Spices vs. Their Extracts) and antioxidant activities (see Botfex Antioxidant Activities).