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About us

We are a small Bulgaria based family-run company called Extractum ltd. implementing liquefied gas extraction technology and equipment in practice. Our goal is to present on the market high quality 100% natural aromatic plant extracts derived through this technology. Our staff includes one scientist, PhD, university lecturer and two engineers, M.Sc. This highly educated staff is involved in design of suitable effective extraction equipment, exploitation of such equipment and production of aroma extracts, their improvement and analysis, as well as application of extracts in food products, perfumery, cosmetics, medicine, etc.  We have started back to 2004 with laboratory scale equipment, accumulating vast experience with liquefied gas extraction process for different raw materials and growing with bigger scale unique mobile production unit. We have successfully completed EU funds project for developing of this technology, registered trade mark Botfex for our products as well as a patent for mobile extraction of aroma plants at place of their cultivation or craft. We shall continue our efforts to present to our customers top quality products especially from local wild-crafted and rare raw materials.